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Custom Cake Toppers

The decoration of your cake is actually considered as an art. In its turn, this art should be definitely perfect. What can bring a special thrill to your pastries? The answer is rather obvious. The special cake toppers will make your cake perfect and unique. Our store provides original and tasty products that will satisfy even the most captious gourmet.

If you want to strike your guest, just order these little delicious supplements to the cake, and we guarantee that everybody will be delighted and your solemn occasion will gain a real success. Memories of the celebration will stay for a long time and our cake toppers will help in this matter.

Welcome to Our Cake Toppers Store

We are glad to meet you at our online shop of original cake toppers. We love our job and we do everything in order to please our customers and provide him or her with the products of the highest quality. The variety of our assortment can amaze the imagination of every customer.

We can sculpt veritable authentic creations of bride and groom for your wedding and we may also provide other toppers for different occasions. Our custom cake toppers are the result of the scrupulous hand work and they are definitely personalized to your needs for various celebrations, ranging from weddings to birthday occasions.

Devoted to Please You

We deal only with the most reliable suppliers that have all certificates of quality and that proved themselves in this cake industry as real masters and giant commercial representatives of the market. All our professional artisans will craft your figures personalized and will make them more perfect and unique.

Our cake toppers have rather realistic features and different types of attire. They are non-edible and made of the best products. Once baked, they will keep forever! Lovely reminders of your special occasion, they can be made to meet practically all your requirements, including style, outfit, hair color, accessories, vehicles, and even pets. We can grant any of your wishes and help you go out of standards. The main criterion of cake toppers making is your preferences. On its basis, we actually do your job and sell incredible figures, which will become a unique decoration for any cake.

Exclusive Quality Wedding Cake Toppers

We are committed to become a largest, hottest, and most unique store of cake toppers. As it was said before, we hand our figures from the best topper suppliers to make sure that your toppers and cake decorations are original and individual. We are the best source of all cake toppers, whether you are looking for fun decorations, cake toppers for weddings, and many others.

We may provide you with an opportunity to custom and personalize your orders. Our store is a mail-order site and we have been a web-based business for many years. Having been small and start-up enterprise, we expanded into a big and successful online business that has satisfied clients around the world. Here you have more than just a variety of products to look through.

Unlimited Possibilities

You are also allowed to request adjustments and approve the products before we deliver it. It means that you are involved in the entire product-making process and this is provided with the purpose of ensuring the customer satisfaction.

Our team of professional workers can create a genuine piece of art and your guests will see a great resemblance of your cake toppers, in case if you want to order a service of making cake decorations from your own photo.

You have a big chance to receive a terrific scope of compliments. Don’t lose the opportunity to diversify your occasion using these magnificent cake decorations that are handcrafted by the most reliable artists and personalized to your wishes.

Cake Toppers Made from Your Photo

This is the most popular service in our store, because everyone wants to show the originality of their occasions by means of figures, which prove a great resemblance. Just load your photo that you definitely love and we will do our best to strike you with a great similarity.

We are true representatives of unique craftsmanship and we are determined to create fully customized decorations from your photograph in order to match your wishes. It is sculpted of the highest quality and you will enjoy it for a long time and pass from generation to generations.

Why Our Cake Toppers Are The Best

Our store can promise our customers the 100% custom quality. Our main objective is to guarantee our customers the highest quality of custom made cake decorations. Each topper is originally crafted to capture your particular memories. In order to confirm our guarantee of 100% satisfaction, we assure the sending of free proofs throughout each stage of the creation process, starting with faces, styles and bodies for approval.

Every part of the topper can be approved before we ship it. So you won’t receive a topper that does not fully conform to your requirements. You may follow and control the whole process in order to prevent different ambiguities and problems with your order. This is done for your own sake and we confirm our commitment to grant you a product of the high grade.

We also give our clients an opportunity to make comments or requests as for changes that are going to take place with their cake toppers. We are happy to make unlimited regulations that are mainly free of charge. In this case we can resend cake toppers for further approval. A little scope of companies can provide such a possibility and we are among those, who allows changing or adjusting the order free of charge. Moreover, we won’t ship the product unless it corresponds to your needs and you are delighted with the customization.

Convenient Customer Service

We generally separate ourselves from the rest of the teams-competitors, because we are eager to hire only one highly qualified team worker. With the purpose to satisfy our clients, we created the whole system that will help improve customer communications and make our Caek Topper Store more perfect and convenient to you.

Thus, we guarantee that we respond to our customers quickly with no delays. If there are some problems that may bother you, we immediately inform you about them in advance in order to prevent you from discomfort. As we mentioned earlier, we appoint one representative to each client. Further, he or she will work directly with the certain customers in order to provide a professional service that their clients deserve.

This person will guide the client on all special issues and will make everything to obtain the best result of his or her job – cake topper that is in line with all client’s wishes. That is why we have specially trained staff that knows how to behave in different situations and how to solve problems without any losses for the customer. The workers are competent and reliable. They can consult you on any matter and you won’t be bothered while dealing with our company.

We Love Our Customers

At our online shop, you can be absolutely sure that your order is made to custom requests and the whole process will run rather smoothly. If something troubles you or you just want to specify certain issues, do not hesitate to ask the assistance of our online consultants, those people whose task we described in the previous section.

Our goal is simply to provide each client with the customer care of the highest level and receive his or her approval. We show our dedication to the customers and we also want to receive their praise. We promise to grant the most prime customer service around the net and this is the hallmark of our social philosophy.

Such words as “quality” and “reliability” are synonymous with our online shop, because we share the most original cake decorations with our customers and make the process of purchasing more convenient and pleasant. If you choose our store of cake toppers that means that you made a right choice and in the near future, you will be working with the team of artisans that love what they create.

Process of Cake Toppers Customization

Still thinking about the design of your cake figure? This is not a real problem and it can be solved in several ways. We will help you customize your cake topper in 3 easy steps. In this section we will show the whole process of our work. Please, look how it works and then follow these directions.

We will explain in great details how our work is organized and what we may provide for your consideration. So you will be in the know about all features and possibilities and it will be easier for you to make your choice. Read this guidance attentively and get to know about our services. Make your life easier with this useful section.

Fully Customize Your Cake Toppers

You can easily order a fully customizable cake decoration or select a pose from the assortment of custom-made options. Apart from this, you can choose colors and different features to create a unique appearance. Likewise, you may craft your own apparel and certain background to match your theme as well as receive various adjustments for free proofs of the process.

You have also unlimited possibilities to create original accessories, messages, logos, pets, and much more. Plan your image to the smallest details and we will create this special decoration for you. Maybe it is not an easy work, but we will do our best to help you to feel free. In addition, you may save your creation in your account and finish it later in case you have some time limitations.

Send Your Photo

So you have placed your order, and then you can upload a photo, which you like most of all. With its help, we will sculpt a cake topper that will certainly resemble you. Please, describe or upload the photos of your apparel, accessories, and poses. We will inform you about the completeness of the process and whether we have everything needed for your order to be done.

Then we will start our work. Don’t worry to miss something. Our online consultants will notify you about the terms of work, so relax, and get ready to be delighted with the result. We will get working straight away and there will be no delay and you won’t be suffered from negligence. Take a deep breath and continue thinking about other plans. One matter – cake topper, is solved with our help.

Receive Your Cake Topper by Mail

After making a purchase, be ready to receive your package in due time by mail. We guarantee that it will be signed, sealed, and personalized and you won’t be subject to any difficulties while receiving your order. We may provide you with the Certificate of Authenticity that confirms the originality of the product.

It can be signed by our professional artist or team worker and it is the real proof for our appreciation of this business. This is the guarantee of our quality and safety. The next important thing is your testimonials. After you have opened your package and made sure that everything is in due form, you can write about this experience in a special section. Comment on our service and tell the story of your purchase for future customers. Share your delight with others and download the photo of you and the cake topper.

We Tend to Be Creative

We love to provide you with a big amount of cake topper assortments that include a lot of varieties of themes and styles. Our cake decorations do not correspond to the usual standard and we always look for innovations.

It is a great gift and a possibility to exude your creative nature. If you want to purchase it for a special occasion in your family, then this is a wonderful chance to express your style in an original and memorable way. Our cake toppers can be witnesses of your feast uniqueness and the special feature of the commemoration of your big day showing your individuality and creativity.

You may choose our exclusive cake toppers in any theme that you want and that suits to your style. We have cake figures that are made in accordance to our clients’ hobbies and interests. This means that we use different decorations to express variable preferences and expressing the lifestyle of our clients.

In our Cake Topper Online Shop, you may also order a cake topper based on certain life moments and we can sculpt it regarding to such occasions as the first date, first kiss, party, proposal, and many others. We show different occupations and interests in our toppers. Give us the idea and we will do the rest.