Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Baby Shower Cake Toppers

Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine any celebration without a cake as well as it is difficult to find a cake without a topper. Today the diversity of cake toppers strikes. Our company provides customers with exclusively unique custom cake toppers that can make your cake unforgettable, bring special thrill into your celebration and make your guests talk about it long after the occasion.

Our team of professional artisans is ready to make a custom cake topper to any celebration in short terms and of the highest quality. Now more and more couples all over the world celebrate Baby Shower and, as we work worldwide, we are happy to help you to make your cake topper fully personalized no matter wherever you live.

We specialize on creating cake toppers that maintain striking resemblance with our clients. It means you just need to send us your face photos of good quality and our artisans will design a figurine with your life-like resemblance features. You are free to choose accessories or postures. You can select among introduced ones or provide us with a photo or picture of desired one. We work hard to help you to make all your Baby Shower cake topper ideas come true. Moreover, the high quality of our figurines makes it possible to keep the memories of this wonderful occasion for lifetime and even longer. If you are planning to organize a theme party we will heartily create Superhero Cake Toppers or Disney Cake Toppers to make your cake perfectly fit the holiday. Besides, bulk orders are bought at a discount.

How to Buy a Baby Shower Cake Topper

The ordering of an absolutely customized Baby Shower cake topper is very easy, it can be done online and at any time. To make ordering process less stressful and more enjoyable we advise you to create an account at our website. It gives you an opportunity to think over details and design your future cake topper without any rush. You can choose anything up to the smallest detail that you want to see at your boy or girl Baby Shower cake topper. We provide our clients with absolutely free proofs of our work so that you can always make comments if some changes are needed.

When you have made up your mind as for the design of your cake topper and all the add-ons you would like to have, the next thing is to upload the face photos of future parents or the picture of a baby you want our artisans to sculpt. The only requirement is that the photos and pictures should be of high quality in order our team could provide you with an excellent Baby Shower cake topper. One more important thing you should remember is that your facial expressions on the photos are the ones our craftsmen will sculpt for a cake topper so choose carefully.

After you have done all the settings the creation process starts. During all the stages of our work we send you proofs for your approval. This way we want to be sure our clients will receive exactly what they want. When a cake topper is ready we send an e-mail for final approval after which it is sent to its owner by mail. We are able to send a cake topper to the farthest part of the world on the cheap. Moreover, buying a Baby Shower cake topper at our website gives you a privilege to receive a Certificate of Authenticity signed by our highly professional artisan.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • We use only non-toxic, non-generative polymer clay to give our cake toppers long live. Besides, the use of dyed and colored clay helps the figurines to look the same as they have just been made even decades after and gives us an opportunity to reflect the exact shade of color you have chosen.
  • We care about our clients so each of them gets his personal representative and craftsman to make the process more quick and personalized.
  • Our work is our passion so you can be sure that your order will be done at top level and with love.
  • As you are welcomed to approve all the stages of our work 100% satisfaction may be guaranteed.
  • A wide range of discounts is available at our site, so you can get an exclusive Baby Shower cake topper cheaper than you could even imagine.

Contact Us

Our team does our best to be available to you 24/7. If you face any problems while placing an order, creating an account or just have some questions about our services, don’t hesitate to use online chat. This is a reliable way to get all the answers quickly and at first hand. But this is not the only way to receive necessary information. You can always send us an e-mail, join our group in social nets or call us and enjoy communication in person. We are looking forward to our cooperation and want to make it as effective as possible. We are here for you, got any questions – contact us.

Delivery and Payment

Working worldwide we took care of the delivery process being fast, secure and cheap. After receiving your package you could notice that the real shipping rate is higher than you paid for it, this is the advantage of being our client and the thing that differs us from any other company on the net. Although we take all the precaution measures you should also check on the mailing service you are choosing. We strongly advice our customers not to sign for any services before you get sure your package is not going to be opened or inspected.

In order you don’t face any problems with payment, you can use diverse ways of paying. Use PayPal system or to checkout. We accept most types of credit cards, among them Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. PayPal system also gives you an opportunity to pay your bills with the help of the guest service; in this case you don’t have to create an account. Another way is to use “Bill Me Later” service which is in fact monthly payment service. They set no interest or any additional payments if you manage to pay in full in 6 moth time.

We know how important it is for you to have amazing unforgettable Baby Shower, so we are ready to help you with an exclusive customize cake topper that your guests would admire and talk about long after the party. Contact us and use your chance to have unique Baby Shower cake topper!