Christening Cake Toppers

Christening Cake Toppers

Every day of a newborn’s life is special and precious for the parents. Still Christening stands out against the background of other events. It takes parents a lot of preparation and worrying to organize and hold this ceremony because naturally every parent wants only the best for his or her baby. As usual, one of the most important attributes is the christening cake.

Tastes differ, so there is a wide variety of christening cakes, both traditional and contemporary. So regardless of whether you always observe traditions or prefer novelty, there are plenty of flavours, colours, decorations and toppers to satisfy every need and taste.

Fruit cakes have been classical christening cakes for years, and they are still frequently chosen on this occasion. However, the new tendencies include sponge and chocolate cakes or even as extraordinary as carrot ones. It is not the type of the cake that matters most, but its quality and the impression it produces on the baby of honor and guests.

If you want to give a fine party in your baby’s honor, a few stacked cakes decorated on the top would perfectly fit the occasion. The cakes may be arranged to form a line from the biggest one at the foot to the smallest on top. To add some fun, forget about regular forms and smoothness. Try mixing forms, for example, a square may be combined with a circle.

Serving one or several individual cakes is appropriate in case you are going to invite only a few guests or if you aim to stand out. The significance of the occasion does not depend on the size or quantity of the cakes. The whole range of details creates the necessary atmosphere and air for the celebration.

A big christening cake can be substituted for many cupcakes in accordance with your desire. Cupcakes have a lot of advantages when compared with large cakes. First of all, they are easy to convey, display, and serve. Moreover, they can be different with piped, poured or rolled fondant icings, yet conforming to the general theme or style. Stuffings can also vary in order to cater for all guests’ tastes. To display cupcakes, put them on a tiered cake dish or a special stand for small desserts.

One more important aspect of a Christening cake is its color. White, baby blue and pink are still among the most popular colors. But more and more parents depart from the custom and decide in favor of brighter variants such as motton blue for boys’ and saturated mauve for girls’ christening cakes.

White is no longer a compulsory background as numerous options are available, for instance, a totally blue covering or a pink circle on a white rectangle. Emphases may differ from just one color to a palette of pastels or flamboyant colors. There also are theme cakes that may require any color that corresponds to the subject chosen.

Themed christening cakes

When you have a themed christening ceremony, make sure that your baby christening cake is part of the topic. How you will manage to match the cake to the subject depends on your budget, experience in baking and decorating, and the quantity of time you have. If you hesitate which theme to choose, consider the following options:

Baby Theme (for boys and girls)

This theme can be naturally embodied in a baby shaped cake. If you want to bake it on your own, regular round baking pans may be of help. To make a flesh colour frosting, add a bit of cooper icing colour. Alternative baking pans can be shaped as prams, rattles and feeding bottles.

Animal christening cake ideas

The easiest way to go with this theme is a cat-/ dog-/ bird-/ monkey-, etc. shaped pan or using a round cake and colourful icing to make the necessary animal’s face.

Sports christening cake ideas

A round cake can easily be made into a football, black hexagons and white pentagons painted with frosting. A baseball or basketball could also be easily made out of this size cake; you only need frosting of different colours. Several ball-shaped cakes can add to the fun atmosphere and bring joy to the christening party.

Cartoon theme

Nothing can illustrate the baby topic better than cartoon characters

Cakes in the shape of animals, film or cartoon characters, and symbolic objects are more and more often seen at children’s birthday parties and christenings. Traditional symbols used in christening cakes include a flowery cross, an open bible or baby shoes. Nevertheless, for a christening cake you can select any childish topic, for instance, a toy box, puppy, princess's castle, train locomotive or racing car. If you wish your cake to be decorated with an inscription, write the name of the child of honor on a plaque.

There are some other examples of christening cakes’ design:

  • set of present-shaped cakes, lying on a baby blanket, with a pair of booties or a rattle nearby;
  • an ornate baby gown cake;
  • a baby in a carriage(the image can be conveyed in a two- or three-dimensional manner);
  • a set of alphabet blocks, with some toys in addition.

Christening cake toppers

Notwithstanding whether you decide in favor of a large posh cake, a stack of cakes or several small cupcakes, a christening cake topper will catch the guests’ attention. It can be a large decoration, a delicate figurine or one of several christening cake adornments.

Possible variants of edible or inedible christening cake toppers for both boys and girls:

  • a baby rattle;
  • a teddy bear;
  • a building block;
  • standing letters spelling baby's name;
  • a lolling baby figurine;
  • an infant sleeping under a quilt in a cradle;
  • a feeding bottle;
  • traditional booties;
  • a toy box abundant with toys;
  • figures of fairy-tale and cartoon characters, such as Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, one of the seven dwarfs, etc.

Girlish christening cake toppers include:

  • a princess's castle
  • a bunch of beautiful flowers
  • one of fairy-tale heroines, such as Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, etc.

Boyish christening cake toppers comprise:

  • a toy train
  • a toy car
  • one of fairy-tale heroes, such as Prince Charming, Prince Ferdinand, Eric, Aladdin, etc.

Order unique and inexpensive christening cake toppers

A cake at any party is considered to be the second most photographed object after the hero of the occasion. That is why most parents and godparents try to find an original topper for the christening cake that will symbolize all the love they have for their baby and his or her connection with God.

Among various cake topper ideas, you will definitely find something to your taste. Though if you want to make your christening cake unique, address our professionals, and they will be delighted to create a custom cake topper especially for you.

Becoming our customer, you get:

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