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Custom Cake Toppers | Personalised Cake Toppers

Our online shop specialized in providing happiness. Yes, you have understood correctly – we believe that the main purpose of our work is to make our clients feel pure happiness when that will get our cake topper and see it for the first time.

Everyone will agree that cake associate with the holiday, with good mood, with memorable and important events of our life. Obvious, that if we want to celebrate something, we hope that all will be done perfectly.

We do not promise you that everything will be perfect, life is different in any plans, but that part of your celebration, which contain cake topper, will be ideal, we promise you.

Ordering a personalised cake topper from our company is a good way to emphasize your individuality. No matter, what event you are going to celebrate: wedding, birthday, anniversary, or something else – our cake topper will be a perfect detail on your cake. We will help you to turn just a delicious confection into a symbol of the day!

Custom cake topper is a perfect addition to any celebration:

  • If you are going to celebrate your wedding, it is obvious, that you want everything to be a high class quality. If you will order a cake topper in our online shop, everybody will remember it for a long time. Your cake will be unique the same, as the story of your love. You will be a design creator of it and you will have an opportunity to get a topper of your dream. We guarantee that when you will get a little copy of you and your second half you will be amazed by the similarity of this figurine with the originals. And remember, your cake topper will be unique; you will not find second the same, even if you will try.
  • Looking for a child birthday cake topper? You've come to the right place! We know how important every birthday celebration is for any child. In the childhood we remember every detail of our birthday, unfortunately, both moments of happiness and disappointment. But if you will choose our online shop to create a topper for your son’s or daughter’s birthday cake, you will not ever see a sign of disappointment on your child’s face. If your child wants to be an astronaut, we will create a little astronaut with your child’s face, if your daughter wants to be a princess – you will get a figurine of her as Princess, no matter, what is your children is dreaming about, we can realize a piece of this dream.
  • Just want to have a cake topper for family celebration? We can create a figurine of your relatives, in casual clothes or costumes of superheroes, hobbits, if you want. All depends on you. You order – we create!
  • Looking for a topper to your friend football fan? There is nothing easier! He will be really glad to see his reduced copy in the form of his favorite football team on top of the cake.
  • Planning to celebrate an anniversary of some important event for your family and have a ten years old photo from past celebration? Your parents will be touched to see little personalised figurines of themselves several years ago.

If you are still not sure, just read about the advantages we offer to you:

  • You will be amazed by the professionalism of our team. Our artisans will create not just a cake decoration, you will get a true masterpiece. Even the most complicate figurine will be easily created by our team!
  • You will get an exclusive cake topper
  • Your figurine will stay unchangeable even after dozens of years, because we use only the highest quality material. Note, that our polymer clay is non-toxic and absolutely safe for health
  • You will be able to monitor all stages of creation your topper. Our team will send you the free proofs of every stage of the process. Our artisan will make any change that you will ask absolutely free! It is the best guarantee that you will get exactly the topper you wanted to have.
  • We try to provide the best service, that’s why each of the customers receives his personal representative. It makes the process of creating your topper quicker and more productive.
  • We are proud to inform you that our prices are very democratic. You have an opportunity to get a real masterwork for cheap
  • We do not afraid to work with rush orders. Also our team is ready to work with bulk orders. It worth to mention that we give different discounts for our customers.

Make an order

If you already decided that you are going to make an order from our online shop, it is time for you to create an account on our website. It will cost you a few minutes, but then you will be able to create the exact topper that you want to get.

You will be able to choose every part of your future topper: from haircut to the background.


We have done our best to make payment service available and very convenient. You can use both PayPal & services that will prevent any troubles. We do not demand any extra payments if you will decide to use “Bill Me Latter” service.


The day you will approve your personalised cake topper we will ship it to you. We could deliver our topper to any part of the world. Pay special attention for choosing mailing service. We put the client's interests above all else, so always advise to choose a safe and secure service.

You need to be sure that mailing workers do not open or check the packages. When you will get your parcel, you may pay attention that the price on the package is higher then you have paid. You do not need to worry; the reason of sudden economy is that all our customers get a discount on shipping rates. It is one more favorable distinction us from other common shops.

Contact us anytime you want

As you already understand, we try to provide our clients the best service they could get in this solar system, so it is not surprising that we tried to make customer service support the most comfortable for you. You may ask any question that you are interested in to our support team. You can contact us in different way: call us by phone, contact us via our Online Chat service, send an e-mail or join us in social nets. Our cooperation is important for us.

Everything that you need to do is to find a section corresponding to your event: Wedding cake toppers, Graduation cake toppers or others. You will definitely find something that will not leave you indifferent.