Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of any person. That is why we spend months preparing for this special day trying to take everything under our control. We spend sleepless nights thinking of any detail of the oncoming day. Because of the great responsibility we take upon us on this day sometimes we convert the preparation of a wedding day from a pleasure into a boring routine.

Taking the things too seriously can lead to a dull ceremony lacking charm and lightness. A good sense of humor can always save the situation. Make the atmosphere on your wedding positive and friendly – add some funny things that will make your guests feel like they are a part of your happiest day. Funny wedding cake topper can be one of those little sweet things that will make your wedding special and fun.

Departing From the Classic Traditions

Nowadays there are more and more people willing to change the traditions and make their wedding look in the way they want not in the way the society likes. A bridegroom wearing snickers, a bride wearing pink hello kitty dress or a rock ballade instead of usual classic tunes playing during the ceremony – people express their personalities and unwillingness to follow the common rules differently. If you visit weddings often you probably have already get bored with seeing the same picture: serious bride and groom cut the cake topper with their two mini-copies on the pedestal.

If you and your beloved one are one those couples who think wedding day is not all about tedious ceremonies and consider this day a perfect chance to have fun and make your guests cheerful, than you may love the idea of decorating your cake with a topper able to make everyone smile. Funny wedding cake toppers always attract attention and remain in the memory of those present on the celebration for a long time.

Taking Into Account the Details

Decorating your wedding cake with a funny wedding cake topper is a brilliant idea but before making your choice for it you should take into consideration the peculiarities of your wedding ceremony. If your guests are mostly conservative stiff people fond of traditions and generally accepted rules putting a topper presenting a bridegroom at the bride’s gunpoint can be not the best idea. If you and the people invited to share your happiest day appreciate good humor and love fun, than funny cake topper will please your guests and look in place.

Take account of the overall decorating style of your wedding. If you want it to be all in mint colors, or with abundance of flowers, or in the style of sixties make sure your cake topper corresponds to the general décor.

Making It Personalized

Have your cake topper look unique. Our craftsmen will create lovely mini-copies of you and your loved one. You will be surprised how much similar to the original they are. It is a nice chance to express your couple style and originality. The cake topper can reflect the way met each other, your proposal day, lifestyle occupation or hobby – anything that matters a lot for you two.

We have offers for all tastes and preferences – vintage wedding cake toppers, football cake toppers, western cake toppers, pirate cake toppers, etc. If both of you are fond of playing video games make your mini figures be dressed in the costume of your favorite heroes of the games you play.

If you are football fans your mini-copies can be dressed in the uniform of your favorite team. If you have met on the Halloween party dress your figures in the costumes you were wearing that crucial night. Be creative and let your imagination run free. Don’t be afraid to be innovative and think of something you have never seen on the weddings you have visited.

Being original is exactly the point in creating a funny cake topper. Choose the idea that reflects your personalities, add some fun and ask our experts to realize it. We will make your wish come true and create the amazing cake topper that will leave you speechless.

Keep in mind that an important thing in picking up a funny cake topper is to choose something both the groom and the bride like. If you are a fan of Real Madrid and your beloved one can’t even hear a word “football” and always argue you spend too much time watching football matches, probably dressing your mini-copies in Real Madrid uniform is not the best idea.

If you love The Lord of the rings and your dearest one considers it a childish fairy-tale he will not be happy to see his little personalized figure in the costume of Elf. Choose a common thing that you both like and think of the way you want your cake topper to look together.

Choosing the Best Wedding Cake Toppers Service

Choosing the company meant to create such an important thing for your wedding reception as a wedding cake topper is not an easy step to do. It is a responsible work that should be done on a highest level and comply with all of your demands. It should be trusted to professionals! Our service presents all the best in wedding cake industry and is setting new standards for it.

Our company specializes in all types of custom cake topper figurines. Our team consists of highly professional and experienced artisans who love creating the ideas from our customers of fully personalized wedding cake toppers made to resemble their photos.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, best quality resemblance, fast delivery and secure shopping. We offer affordable prices, free unlimited proofing, free color modifications.

Order one of our small masterpieces in an easy and comfortable way. There is no need to run from one shop to another searching for the ideal cake topper – now you have an opportunity to order a cake topper of your dream online without leaving your room. All you need is our website and your imagination. We offer you a simple process of giving us all necessary information and requirements and receiving a result of our cooperation.

Add a touch of humor to your wedding with a funny wedding cake topper. It will bring special appeal to the reception and make everybody smile. Make this once in a lifetime event special and memorable for you and all your guests!