Graduation Cake Toppers

Graduation Cake Toppers

Nowadays cake is an essential part of any celebration. From year to year cakes’ decorations and shapes become more and more various. Particularly decorated cakes are widespread today and can become a special trill of any occasion no matter it is a birthday party, wedding celebration or graduation party.

Recently custom cake toppers became amazingly popular. They can be a perfect add-on to express your unique style or put a stress on a theme of your holiday party.

Nowadays cake toppers can be of different shapes and sizes, they may be formal or humorous, contemporary original or vintage. Our company specializes on designing not only traditional custom cake toppers, but also totally unique ones that maintain life-like resemblance with our clients.

Graduation cakes mark the end of a special stage in our lives. It symbolizes the completion of study course and the beginning of new ventures and undertakings.

As a rule all graduation celebrations have their special themes, which include specially selected decorations, music, rituals and of course cake. Custom cakes give you a privilege not only to choose favorite flavor, but to decorate the cake according to the theme of the party or graduates’ interests or hobbies as well. But no cake can do without a cake topper.

The most traditional Graduation cake toppers include miniature school supplies, caps or diplomas, but you can make your cake topper more personalized by using our highly professional exclusive services. We will gladly design a cake topper that would look exactly like you and your group mates. Besides, it can be a good present for a friend or relative as our cake toppers are made of the best polymer clay, which means they will carry the sweet memories of graduation party for years.

Types of Graduation Cake Toppers

Today there are no limits for those who want to choose a cake topper for any kind of graduation party. Graduation cake toppers vary not only in sizes but in shapes and decorations.

  • They can be formal. You can buy a traditional cake topper in the shape of graduation diploma or graduation cap, or maybe both.
  • The other option is to make your Graduation cake topper more humorous and order school locker shaped cake topper or your favorite school professor figurine.
  • Have totally personalized cake toppers. Using your group photo or individual photo will make the Graduation cake topper 100% unique and unforgettable.

Why We Are the Best

  • Our team is happy to provide you with totally exclusive services, designing cake toppers that resemble our customers.
  • Our company hires only highly qualified artisans who love their work and are ready to sculpt even the most complicated figurine.
  • We are using the polymer clay of high quality only; it is non-toxic and preserves all external characteristics of the statuette unchangeable even many years after.
  • During the designing process our craftsmen send free proofs to our customers. It means you have the right to approve all the stages of creation and be sure you will get exactly what you have imagined.
  • We are fully devoted to our clients so each of the customers receives his personal representative to make our cooperation more quick and productive.
  • Although we provide our customers with fully unique service we are happy to state that you can buy a real piece of art for cheap. We present absolutely customized Graduation cake toppers at totally affordable prices.
  • It is possible to make bulk and rush orders. Moreover, we provide numerous discounts for our clients.


Become a part of our friendly family, create an account at our website. This will help you to make pauses while designing your cake topper and have some time to think over details. Besides, you will always be able to keep up with the news of the creation of your cake topper.

Use online ordering service to specify all the add-ons you want to see at your Graduation cake topper. In fact you have to choose the shape or poses of the figurine, decide for the background, colors, hairstyles and any other accessories you want to have.

Upload the photos of your faces and pictures of all the add-ons you have chosen. Keep in mind they may be of any format, but they must be of high quality for our craftsmen to sculpt your topper in accordance to your expectations. When the creation process starts you will receive free proofs for approval, so check on your e-mail not to lose your chance to make necessary changes.


After we get your final approval we send your cake topper by mail. We can ship worldwide but you have to make sure your local mailing service is safe and reliable. Our company provides the clients with fast shipping at low costs. You may notice that real shipping rate is higher than you have paid. This is the way we want to express our devotion and gratitude for using our services.


Our team does our best to make our cooperation easy and pleasant, so we use only the most secure ways to check out. Use PayPal & You can pay your bill as a guest or use your account. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. No extra payments are charged.

You can also use Bill Me Later service with no interest added if you manage to pay in full in 6 month time. We also accept money orders and checks. So you are to choose the most convenient way of checking out especially for you.

Contact Information

As we try to present the best customer service support, there are numerous ways you can contact us. The quickest way, which is just one click away, is our Online Chat service. Ask any question you are interested in and get your answer in a few minutes. Join us in social nets, send an e-mail or call us, we will gladly provide you with all the information needed.

We are looking forward to our cooperation. We will do our best to make you Graduation cake topper a perfect peculiarity of your memorable celebration. But for Graduation cake toppers we are also ready to make your Birthday Cake Toppers or Wedding Cake Toppers absolutely inimitable.