Pirate Cake Toppers

Pirate Cake Toppers

Pirates are the great topic to make a party. We all have been kids, and become a pirate was a dream at least a half of us. Somebody wanted to be a princess, somebody wanted to become an astronaut or a policeman, but we all agreed that being a pirate is really cool!

No rules, no boredom, brave friends – what can be better?! Ahoy, matey! When we were listening pirates story, everyone imagined himself a captain of a pirate ship. The lure of treasure and the call of adventures was the best music for our ears. We all have dreamed to meet a fairy-tale, a legend in a real life, to become a part of this amazing world.

But times passed, and we all have found jobs, and forgot about our dreams. But life would be so tedious if we would not realize our little desires and if our dreams did not come true. If life did not give us a chance to become a pirate, we could do it instead. Pirate party it is the best way to feel the salty wind in the face and hear the call of adventure.

Ideas for pirate party:

  • Every guest that will come need to be dressed like a pirate. I could be a full costume, but if you and your friends do not want to bother with costumes, old jeans and torn T-shirt will be a good pirate costume too. Let know your pirate crew that as a great captain you prepared hats, pirate eye patches, and bandanas.
  • Invitation card is so boring, when it comes to a pirate party… Send your friends a small bottle with a little sand with invitations in it.
  • Think about funny props. It could be plastic swords, toy parrots, chests of paper and everything that you think could be a good part of a pirate schooner, which will be on the evening of your home.
  • Think about the musical accompaniment to your party, it must be heroic and epic music. Think about the soundtrack from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", funny pirate songs. By the way, it will be very funny if you will learn by heart some old pirate songs.
  • Decorate the room where you are going to meet your pirate cutouts, pirate crew, use balloons, and Pirates of the Caribbean movie posters.
  • For decoration of your table you can also use balloons, napkins, table cover, plates, and cups with pirate’s motive. Put some plastic gold coins on the table.
  • Your cake needs to be done in a pirate style, and the best way to emphasize that you are the captain today will be choosing the Pirate cake topper. It could be figurine that will represent you in the captain's suit or you and your team. It all depends only from you.

Pirate party for children

If your little child fond of "Pirates of the Caribbean", you can create for him a great adventure birthday party. You can paint the faces of your little guests, draw a mustache and beard, dress girls in a great pirate dresses, different competitions. You can rent a big parrot – it will produce furor. And do not forget about cake – it’s the most important part on any child party or birthday. Your daughter or son will be amaze his or her cake, when will see a topper, mini copy of themselves in a pirate costume

Wedding in pirate style

Wedding is one of the most important events in our life. When you have already found a person whom you are ready to devote your life, it is the right time to create a family. If you are not fond of classic wedding and both was a fan of pirates in childhood and maybe even when you have grown up, you could use it as the theme for your wedding.

Life is a serious thing and sometimes pretentious wedding loses fun wedding. You will have enough serious event in your future, but when you are young, you may afford to fool around a little bit. It does not mean that you need to walk down the aisle with a parrot on your shoulder. You can choose not a classic Bride and Groom topper, but Pirate Cake Toppers.

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Ordering process

To feel all these advantages you simply need to create the account on our site. It will give you an opportunity to make the ordering process much more comfortable. You will be able to think over the details of your future cake topper, to ponder the design of it.

The next step when you have decided how your cake topper should look like, it is time to upload the photo. It does not matter, will it be your photo, or the photos of your friends, or both. The only demand that we have: photos need to be of high quality, because the result of our craftsmen depends on it. Note for yourself that choosing a photo is a great responsibility, because your facial expressions or the facial experience of your friend or second half on the photos are the ones we will sculpt for a cake topper. So be careful!

You need to remember that our team will send you the proofs of every stage of creation, so you need to check your email. The next stage will begin only when you will approve the previous one.


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Our team is available 24/7. If you have some extra questions or if you face some problems, you could call us, chat our support team on the website, mail us or contact via social net. You may also ask about other toppers, maybe you will change your mind and choose Disney Cake Toppers, or Superhero Cake Toppers. We will be always glad to help you!

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