Romantic Cake Toppers

Romantic Cake Toppers

We all know that classic is always in trend. If you choose a classic little black dress you will always be in the highlight in any party, if you will choose a classic haircut, bob haircut, for example, you will definitely look good; there are plenty of common examples.

When it comes to an important event in your life, as a wedding, it is obvious that every bride wants to be sure that everything will be made perfect, from the wedding dress to the invitation cards. Of course, we all remember, that wedding cake is an important part of the wedding.

Wedding cake topper, as a part of the cake, is one more decision that you need to make while you will prepare for your wedding. Classic version, proven over the years is Romantic Bride and Groom cake topper, so if you are supporter of classics, it is the best choice for you.

Little history

For those one who have forgotten, wedding cake topper it is a small figurine, made traditionally from acrylic or lightweight plastic that sits on the top of the cake. Mostly it depicts bride and groom, often dressed in dress and tuxedo. No one will tell you where and why this cake decoration appears for the first time. We know only that age this tradition has almost 100 years.

Preserved a legend, the daughter of a baker was going to get married. Like every girl she wanted to find something that will be unique… some symbol of love her and future husband. She asked her father to figure out something.

We all know that he was a baker so he decided to put on the top of the cake two small figurines. In this glorious day, one of these figurines must represent his daughter, and the other, her future husband.

1950s was the time when wedding toppers as popular as Elvis. As we can see today, Elvis is already gone, while toppers are still with us. They have changed, mutate to the present day, and today we can easily get a wedding cake topper, where the bride and groom are of different races, or the same sex. Maybe more than half a century after, these toppers will be a classic and vintage, who knows…

Thanks to the development of Internet technologies today you can find a romantic wedding cake topper without leaving home, or sitting in the cafe, everywhere, if you will find there an internet connection.

It is good news, but sometimes it could be really hard to choose among select from the plurality of different shops. But if you here, on our page, congratulate you on, probably your search is over. To dispel doubts, we are happy to tell you more about our website.

Our advantages:

  • We take care about our clients so it is not surprising that or topper is made only from non-toxic material. It guarantees that your health is in safe.
  • Non-generative polymer clay that we use makes the life of your future topper longer. We understand that wedding romantic cake topper is not a simply decoration of wedding confection, it is a symbol of your love, so your topper would look perfect as the day you bought even after ten and more years.
  • The words “individual approach” is not just an empty sound for our team. We will provide our each our client with the personal representative and craftsman. We are sure that it will make the whole process much more pleasant for you.
  • You are welcome to approve every stage of creation. We are sure that it will guarantee you 100% satisfaction.
  • You need to note that we work with real passion and work for us is a place where we could realize dreams of other people. We understand how important this task is and do our best to make every order with love and on the top level.
  • We understand that the wedding ceremony is expensive, so we provide our customers a wide range of discounts.

How to make an order?

You can make an order of your romantic cake toppers at any time. To start you just need to make an account on our website. After it you will have an opportunity to think over details your future romantic cake topper as much time as you think it is necessary.

We create absolutely amazing terms of cooperation for our clients: you will get a free proof of every stage of creation your topper. You have a right to make comments if you think that changes are needed.

When you have decided with every detail that you want to see as a part of your topper, it is time to upload the face photo of you and your second half. We have only one request for you: photo need to be of high quality. And remember, you need to choose a picture very carefully, because your facial expressions from the image will be sculpted for your topper.

During all the process of creation, we will provide you the proofs for your approval. We do it because we want to be sure that we have done everything that it is possible to satisfy our client.

Our customer will get exactly what he wants. When the work is finished, we will send an e-mail for last approval. One more little surprise from our shop: you will get a Certificate of Authenticity. Our highly professional artisan will sign it for you.


The last step is sending you your topper by mail. We understand that delivery must be fast, secure and safe. You will choose a mailing service that will be fast and secure and we will try to make it cheaper for you. This is an advantage we provide our clients, unlike other companies. When you will get your parcel, you will notice that the sum on the package is higher than you have paid. Yep, it is our little surprise for you!


We want our clients did not face any problems with payment, so you will have a various ways of paying. To check out you may use an or a PayPal system. We accept the majority of credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Also, you may pay with the help of the PayPal system. You may also use “Bill Me Later” service.

Contact us

Our team is ready to answer every your question 24\7. If you encounter problems while creating your account or simply have some clarifying questions about our service, our customer support team will answer you with pleasure. You may contact us via e-mail, by phone, with the help of our online chat, or in our group of social nets.

Do not stop on one option

Maybe you are not sure that you definitely want to have a romantic cake topper. You are not required to have the tradition toppers, if you do not want to. On our website you can find different wedding cake toppers, such as Monogram cake toppers or Vintage wedding cake toppers. We will be really happy if our website will help you to find a topper of your dream!