Superhero Cake Toppers

Superhero Cake Toppers

Everybody thought even once in a life, how great it could be if one brilliant day you will wake a superhero. They are incredibly strong, unusually smart, they have a great intelligence, and they are always in the thick of things. Everybody will agree that being a superhero is a cool thing.

From the other side, it is a great responsibility, they often need to fight the bad guys and sometimes their enemies, and their enemies win. So, maybe if you are not a superhero, it is even good, at least you do not have to fight evil in a funny costume.

But it does not mean that you do not have a right to feel what is to be superhero once in your life. You can become a superhero on your own party! Reasons to make such party could be very different, but if you want it, you can do it without reason at all.

You can decorate your house in the colors of that superhero, which you have decided to be this day, find a cool costume, select the required music, different competitions and other cool things. Of course, what’s a party without a cake? It is a center of every celebration, and if you decided that today you will be a superhero, your party cake should be a cake, that’s worth a superhero.

Superhero Cake Topper for Child Party

If you have a son, or a daughter, you definitely know a lot about superheroes, even if earlier you thought that it does not worth your time at all. Children like stories about cool guys and your little child will tell you about his or her passion, even if you do not want to hear.

If you know what superhero are the most favorable for your child, you can make a great birthday party! Of course, you remember that cake needs to be tasty, but it is not the only criterion. If it is a party for children, and you decided to choose as the theme superheroes, cake topper for it must be suitably. Our online shop could provide you the best superhero cake topper that you could even imagine!

Superhero Cake Topper for a Party

We all have had a favorite character in a childhood. When you become an adult, you may forget about it, forget, that when you were a little boy or girl, you promised that you will have the greatest comics’ collection that others could even imagine, that you will have the same costume as your favorite superhero has, and many other things.

Over the years, you decided that it is not important. How dull our life would be, if we would not realize the biggest dreams of our childhood? The cake topper, without a doubt, needs to be a cool copy of your favorite superhero – it will be a great surprise for your inner child, and you will remember it for a long time. With our company your childhood dream will come true!

Wedding Superhero Cake Topper

Think that your wedding needs to be the most serious event in your life, but at the same time you do not want to do it in a classic style? You have met your second half in a comics store, or in the fans of Superman forum, or when you first meet you were worn the same T-shirt with spider man, or you first meet her in the cinema, where you both came to watch “The Iron man”?

If you found in the description yourself, it could be a great reason to make your cake, or even the whole ceremony an adaptation of the beloved comic strip. We could make for you a great cake topper, where the groom will be a Spiderman and a bride – Jane, or Batman and Batgirl, or Superman and Wonder woman – it all depends on your imagination. You will tell us, what do you want to see as your cake topper and we will do exactly what you want to have.

No matter, what superhero you will choose or for what purpose, will it be your wedding, or your child’s birthday or maybe just for your party, where you decided to realize your childhood dreams, the only thing that is important – to create a great atmosphere for you and your quests. Our online shop will create a great cake topper for you, which will be a perfect complement for the ideal holiday.

Why We Are The Best Choice?

  • Our artisans are the professionals of top class. They are able to sculpt even the most difficult figurine.
  • We are using only the highest quality polymer clay. It means that cake topper, that you will get, will stay unchangeable even after years. Our materials are non-toxic, and you may be sure that your health in complete safety.
  • You will receive free proofs during the designing process from our craftsman. You will be able to make changes during the process of creation and every stage of creation will be done only after your approving.
  • We understand that the main measure the quality of our work is our client’s satisfaction. That is why you will receive your personal representative. It will make our cooperation quicker and more pleasant to you.
  • We understand that speed of life increases every year. That is why our team is ready to work even with bulk and rush orders.
  • Our prices could be cheap.
  • No matter, how quick your topper was made for you, or what discount you have gotten to it – the high quality of our toppers unchanged.

How to make an order?

It is very easy to make an order. When you will create an account at our website, you will be able to make pauses while you are designing your cake topper. It will help you to think over every detail. If you will use our online ordering service, it will give you an opportunity to specify add-ons you want to get at your Superhero cake topper.

It is a very exciting experience, because you need to pose of your figurine, hairstyles, colors and any other accessories. If you want to see your face on the superhero figurine, or the face of your friend, second half or any other person, you need also to upload the photo.

It may be an image of any format, but photo need to have a high quality. It will help our craftsmen to sculpt figurine, which will be fully meet your expectations. Also, do not forget to check your email, because you will get letters with free proofs for your approval. Do not miss your chance to make changes!

Contact us any time

If you have some extra questions, or if you will have any possible problems with creating an account, placing an order or any other details – feel free to ask us.

Our custom care team is available 24/7, so even if you face some difficulties with our service in the middle of the night – feel free to contact us and you will get a detailed response and help immediately. Maybe you will decide to change your mind and will choose Disney cake topper or Pirate cake topper for your special even – it all depends in you!