Unique Cake Toppers

Unique Cake Toppers Are the Best Way To Decorate Cakes

There are so many occasions in our live when we get a cake on birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas and we really don't have any time for decorating cakes. Cake toppers are used for decoration of a plain cake in order to make it exceptional or to add something special to your already decorated cake.

There is a variety of styles of cake toppers that are available for all of the cake types that you may want to buy.

Unique Cake Topper is the New Trend for Cakes Now

Wedding cakes will look more individual and unique with the aid of such toppers. The addition of cake toppers has been a very usual for some period time. Meanwhile in the recent years, more emphasis is paid for the addition of unique cake predilection, especially during wedding or anniversaries. Unique cake toppers give a different look and make every party special. A cake will be look more professional and unique.

The wedding cakes of different design are available in many stores. However, these cakes can be ordered if you have some other ideas in mind. The unique cake toppers can also be baked at home with the help of certain ingredients in order to make the cake look lovely in all things. This can be made not only for weddings but also for other special occasions. It follows that you should consider the event for which the cake topper will be made.

Wedding cakes are prevailed. Bride and groom are looking for bright ideas to create a unique cake topper. Our company provides traditional, theme based, sculpted toppers. Sculpted cake are one and only! Just look at the sculpted faces of the bride and the groom.

Cake toppers can also be bought for all occasions. For example, microphone cake toppers remind a real microphone and can be used for a musician's birthday party. Religious icons can be used for religious parties or made for church events.

Among children the Cartoon characters are very popular. You can order such especial cake toppers for birthday party. There may be the following characters: Mickey Mouse, the Scooby Doo, SpongeBob, Superman, Barbie and others.

We are №1 To Choose!

We always provide you with exclusive cake toppers for any events in your life. What we need is your wishes and a little bit of creativity.

Before you get the cake toppers back, we send you some photos of them. If you want to change something, you may send your improvements by email or just call us. They have a huge experience in creating unique cake toppers.

We are the team of professional experts who appreciate their work. We are glad to help you make your party perfect and memorable. For this reason we use we only high-quality materials for making cake toppers.

Our team work around the clock. If you have any problems while ordering cake toppers, use our online support chat. You will get the answers to all questions in time. Moreover, you may send us an e-mail or call us. We are always ready to help you. We precise our collaboration and want it to be successful and efficient.

If you want to make your birthday, wedding, or any event memorable transform your toppers into 3D Figures! We make that possible for you in 3-6 weeks. We advise you not to leave your order to the last minute.

Play an important part in adding extra feature and admiration to any event. They are known as wobblers whose purpose is to catch attention of an individual. We propose 3D computer sculpted toppers.

There are a lot of costly companies that offer cake toppers of low quality. For those, who are seeking for “two-in-one”: high quality and best available prices employ our services!

Our company guarantees 100% satisfaction with the finishing toppers! We ensure best fast delivery, quick and secure shopping.

We suggest different kinds of material, opportunity to choose a size, and make design for your cakes. Your own taste plays a significant role for making the toppers unique. Try to remember some special occasions and unforgivable moments from your life, which will help you to realize your ideas for cake toppers.

Thus, these unique cake toppers will leave a memorable description of your special day. If they are edible, you will savor delicious cake with delight; if not- you may keep them at home and recall the positive moments. As our toppers are of high quality, they will look presentable over a number of years.

How to Pay and Deliver Unique Cake Toppers

Sometimes you are not confident about payment services as you are afraid of been deceived. For this reason we are working hard and honestly in order to make payment safe and reliable. You may use different forms of electronic payment transactions. Moreover, don’t forget about Bill Me Later service that lets you order and buy now, but pay later.

After approving your order, cake toppers will be shipping to you. If you buy cake tappers at our website, you will get good discounts for this and next order.

Our delivery will take 3-5 days for US and Canada. We use USPS Express Mail and FedEx ground shipping for delivery. We do not deliver cakes on weekend, if the due day falls into Saturday or Sunday.

Thus, it extends to the following Monday. If you want to get any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel to contact us by email. By the way, the privacy of our clients is of critical importance to us.

If you approve your cake topper 10 business days before your l event date, we will guarantee that it will arrive in time. Otherwise, we may offer a refund for the following cases:

  • If we get your approval email 10 business days before your event and you received confirmation which we received your approval;
  • You return unopened package back to us immediately after the missed date;
  • Deliver address should be verified beforehand when you place your order;
  • If your order did not reach your address at least one day before your event and the reason for its delay was not caused by a natural disaster or some extraordinary situation.

We are grateful for your choice to work with us. We make all the events special!