Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are one of the most important parts of the wedding. Honestly, for bride every part of a wedding is important, but the topper is important because of a few reasons:

  • With the help of a cake topper couple could emphasize their individuality
  • Your wedding cake topper will be those details that you could show to your future children after many years.
  • It is a symbol, the same as the wedding cake, but you will be able to admire it 5, 10, 20 years later

More and more cases, when bride decided to use a vintage wedding cake topper. With such topper your wedding cake definitely will be special. It will be a pleasant surprise to your quests, if you will use such topper.

As everybody knows – classic style is always in trend. So, if you decided to look traditional topper, you need to know where to search.

Where you can find vintage wedding cake toppers?

If you were born under a lucky star, or if your family preserves the traditions, you may find this decoration on your wedding cake even in your own family. If you will use the same vintage cake topper as your parents did few dozens of years ago, it will make your cake meaningful.

This sweet detail will remember both your family and guests. If you are sure that your parents did not have topper on their wedding or did not save it, do not worry.

Ask your relatives about it, it is quite possible that you will find what you need. Sometimes brides find wedding cake toppers in the attic of their grandmother or in a dusty box in the basement of her aunt. Maybe just right now it is waiting for you!

If finding wedding cake topper in your own family is not an option, you have another way: nowadays if you look, you will find a plenty places where you can find it. Look on the eBay, in vintage shops (it does not matter, will it be an online shop or local), wedding shops and flea markets.

Frankly, vintage wedding cake topper is the most interesting of all types wedding cake decorations. They often made of finer material, have amazing details and hand painted parts. It will be hard to find something so much extraordinary on modern cake toppers.

Vintage topper – is not a simple cake decoration, it is a story, which will make your wedding cake more valuable. If you will buy it, do not forget to ask about the history of it – maybe this romantic tale becomes a legend in your family, and after years you will tell it to your daughter. Think about it like an heirloom.

A little history of vintage wedding toppers

The most popular themes that have found a realization in wedding cake toppers are doves, lovebirds, and, of course, the bride and groom. Some parts of them could be very original, for example the toppers with the chiming bells (usually it is a part of a big decorative arch). You also may find special details, such as glass pearls, quality silk flowers and different metal accents.

It is obvious that the bride and groom are the most popular and demanded style of vintage wedding cake topper. If you are looking for that kind of topper, it will be useful for you to know that before the 1950s, there were no colored decoration, and even after '50s it was a rarity.

But, at the same time, if you will look carefully, you could find toppers, which have been repainted. If you will find such example, you may be sure, that it is highly collectible and very rare topper. If you are a creative person, you could personalize vintage topper by yourself – it will not cost you a lot of efforts, you just need to use your imagination.

If you decided that you need exactly vintage cake topper, you need to remember that the most outstanding toppers were made in 1920-1950s. Nice and original toppers could also dated early 1960s. Everything that was created in 10970s and later no better or more unique than one you could buy new today. The most valuable toppers come from Europe (pay your attention especially Germany).

Each decade has their particular qualities:

  • 1920s – it is hand painted celluloid Kewpie couples, figurines with crepe paper clothing and even, German bisque;
  • 1930s – presented us Bakelite couples;
  • 1940s – brought us porcelain brides with net veils and silk flower bouquets;
  • 1950s – it was a time of happy grooms in white jackets, arm-in-arm with their lovely brides;

It would be really great if you will find the exact vintage wedding cake topper that you have been looking. But, as we know, it could be really hard sometimes.

If you tried to find it and failed, or simply decided that you do not waste your time (we all know that preparing for wedding usually take a lot of time and nerves), you could choose the easiest and the most effective way – buy it in our online shop!

What could we offer?

  • The main purpose of our company is to provide our clients the most qualitative of custom made cake topper. Each topper will capture your special memories because of its unique design;
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If you are not looking for a vintage wedding cake topper, or again well thought that you want to use some other topic for your wedding cake – it is all good;

You will definitely find something that will come to taste both you and your second half: Funny Wedding Cake Toppers, Bride and Groom Cake Toppers or any other kind of it.

In any case, the main thing that you need to remember – your wedding is a unique and honorable event and everything that you will chose for it, from napkin to the place need to give pleasure.