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When the wedding day approaches, most of the couples start thinking about the décor of their wedding cake. Most couples prefer adorning their wedding cake with various cake toppers. This decision is more than reasonable, as modern cake toppers can impress fiancé and fiancée as well as all wedding guests to a great extent.

Cake toppers for the weddings appear in all possible forms you can only imagine. The choice of the topper totally depends on the couple, as wedding day is their day, and they have all rights to strive for perfection this day. What couples are proposed to put on to the top of their wedding cake?

  • Elegant monograms with names of the bride and groom;
  • Stylish figures of the wedding date or day, when the couple met each other for the first time;
  • Funny and humorous toppers;
  • Traditional cake toppers;

In any case, the couple will definitely find something unique for crowning the wedding cake and adding some personal details to the most important desert at the ceremony.

Floral Wedding Cake Toppers

Flowers are considered to be an essential part of every wedding. Therefore, it is natural that the top of your wedding cake would be decorated with this tender beauty.

Being atop of the wedding cake flowers add natural glory to the cake and perfectly fit any type of wedding that has flowers in at least one other area, such as table centerpiece or bride’s bouquet. Cake toppers in floral style can vary greatly. Various elements can be used for their creation: tiny tight bunch of blooms on the top or a group of flowers that cascade down the wedding cake.

Flower cake toppers can be made of silk or even real flowers. However, if you opt for the real flowers, you should pay special attention to their quality. It is crucial for the wedding that your decoration flowers remained fresh without water for 2-3 hours, as nobody wants to have faded and wilting flowers atop the wedding cake.

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

If you and your husband-to-be joke around a lot and want to lighten up the seriousness of your wedding, you should choose wedding cake toppers that will add a sense of comedy to your wedding celebration.

There are tons of wedding cake toppers that will make you and your guests giggle and will definitely set a good mood at your wedding reception.

Humorous cake topper can feature the groom and the bride climbing towards the top of the wedding cake, the bride fishing for her groom or even the topper of the bride dragging the groom by the pant leg. New idea of funny wedding cake toppers is bride and groom sitting on the top of the cake and eating the wedding cake during it.

Nowadays one more type of funny topper gains popularity among wedding couples. It is rubber ducks wedding cake toppers, where one duck wears a tuxedo and the other one has a wedding veil. Of course, these options are not for every couple, just for the riskiest and adventurous ones, but it will definitely add spice to your wedding celebration and make your cake impossible to forget.

Monogram Wedding Cake Toppers

Nowadays monograms pop up everything in weddings, and there is no exception for the top of the cake. Monogram toppers for the wedding cakes are an elegant way to reflect pride in the names of groom and bride.

If you want to put a personal mark on your wedding celebration, using monogram wedding cake toppers can help you a lot with it. In most cases monogram features the initial of the groom’s surname, which is new surname for the bride. Up to the couple request, it can have a combination of fiancé and fiancée names.

Monogram as the wedding cake topper can be used in many different ways. One more essential thing to know is that it can be created with spun sugar, fresh flowers, plastic or even lightweight metal.

Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake with a traditional bride in a wonderful dress and groom in the tuxedo standing side by side has a lot of charms. Cake toppers in a traditional style will guarantee cute and retro look of your wedding cake. Even if you think that you and your fiancée is not a kind of a traditional couple, that doesn’t mean that traditional cake topper won’t fit your celebration.

These days, you can choose traditional cake toppers in every color, shape and size. If you want, the bride and groom figures on your cake can even have the face of you and your fiancée. Modern technologies allow you everything possible and impossible, as well. If you dream about a slight touch of classic appeal at your wedding cake – be sure that traditional cake topper can guarantee you it to the fullest extent.

Photo Wedding Cake Toppers

In case you are still not quite satisfied with the fact that the little figurines don't look enough like you, this problem can be easily solved. Photo frame wedding topper can meet all your needs and desires.

All that you will have to do - just choose a photo that to your mind represents you as a couple most of all. For example if there is a common hobby or interest you share, give us the photo of you doing it and everybody at the wedding ceremony will see that you are not just a couple, but one soul in two bodies.

Mix and Match Wedding Toppers

Mix and Match Toppers are toppers where you can mix and match groom and bride figurines. It is a great choice for interracial couples and couples of the same sex. This kind of toppers would also be great for those couples where bride and groom do not share the same interests. In this case, the bride can be depicted playing golf and the groom can be with basketball.

Unique and Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

It is wide known fact that wedding cake is something that guests remember about a wedding most of all. So it is your task to make your cake impressive and unforgettable. Cake toppers were created to make your cake special and unusual. Choose your topper among the great amount of toppers presented in our shop and enjoy rapt looks of your wedding guests.

Order Unique and Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers

A cake at the wedding ceremony is considered to be the second most photographed object at the wedding after the couple itself. That’s why some couples consider bride and groom standing atop of the wedding cake to be extremely boring and unoriginal. They want the topper, which is a symbol of two people joining lives together to be unusual and impress everybody.

Our company is a specialist of all types of custom cake toppers. Our big, but friendly team consists of professionals who are fond of their job and are willing to work hard until all the desires of our clients are fulfilled.

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Ordering our cake toppers is convenient and fast. You don't need to go out or even get up from the couch. We give our clients a chance to order our toppers online. Collect all the important information about you and your partner, share it with us and we will make ideal cake topper for your wedding celebration.