Western Cake Toppers

Western Cake Toppers - What are Cake Toppers?

The word “cake” is mouth-watering for everyone who has got a sweet tooth. Cakes have accompanied people’s lives since ancient times, and they have obviously undergone various changes. One the most vivid of them is the appearance of cake toppers.

Only a few decades ago it did not occur to people that they could place some covering or decoration on top of a cake to hide its ingredients or to reveal the desirable idea for the cake. Time passed, and now there are different types of custom cake toppers. Most of them are produced of icing sugar which makes a cake more attractive.

Cake toppers vary according to what they are made of. Traditional ingredients for them are icing sugar or fresh fruit. Icing sugar can be used to create sculptures that adorn the cake, while fresh fruit toppers show closeness to nature and add in the flavour. Traditional cake toppers have been popular since their invention, but nowadays more and more people aspire to display originality and uniqueness which required extraordinary solutions.

The latest tendency in cake decoration is using photo cake toppers. They are printed straight from a computer to a special printer. The peculiarity of photo cake toppers is that they consist of a special sheet of paper (produced of rice or wheat) and certified food colourings. Photo cake toppers portray the original picture in every detail. This is the most up-to-date way to decorate your cake!

Custom Western Cake Toppers

Cake toppers vary not only in their ingredients but also in what they depict as it is they that indicate the reason for celebration. The most popular occasions to order cakes are birthdays and weddings. There are also graduation, Christmas, and anniversary cakes. Notwithstanding the occasion, different themes may be reflected in the cake topper, for instance, the hero’s hobby, his or her favorite sport or film.

If you are fond of westerns and want to add western atmosphere to your party, remember to order a western themed cake. Then this event will not only be stylish but also tasty. Here the only limit is your fantasy, because we are ready to put into practice any of your extraordinary ideas. Be sure that your guests will be discussing your cake long after the party is over. If your imagination has run amok, and you cannot make the final decision, here are some ideas of western cakes with suitable toppers.

To begin with, who are the main western characters? You are right – they are cowboys! And the main western symbols are cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and horseshoes. Are you searching for a wedding cake? Then opt for two cakes in the form of a cowboy hat.

One of them can be white and the other black, each adorned with a flowering rose and your initials. In case you choose a traditional cake, enliven it with luck-bringing gold horseshoes. All of the above mentioned western emblems such as cowboy hats, boots, or horseshoes can also make excellent cake toppers.

Continuing the topic of wedding cake toppers, if you are bored with traditional bride-and-groom-standing-next-to-each-other figures, you will definitely like them riding horseback. Such toppers would perfectly suit a cake that looks like a sunset going down on the horizon. Or why not dress the models of the bride and the groom as Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler?

If your celebration is devoted to an anniversary or a birthday, a possible solution can be a cake shaped like a totem pole or a wigwam, a fort or a beautiful old plantation house. As long as you are hosting a real western party, think about a cake made with cornbread. It can be made in sheets, and it is ideal if you cannot afford an expensive cake.

These were only some ideas for your western cakes, so address your imagination, and your most daring ideas will find their realization as the confectionery is growing fast supplying all sorts of cake toppers.

Buy Western Cake Toppers Online

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